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Textbook: Get Ready for International Business

Student's Book 1

A2 Macmillan


1. Finding the right job

2. Company facts and figures

3. Business options: franchises

4. Business Plan

5. Company history

6. Learning Portfolio




Finding the right job

Task: to find a job and present it to the class. At the end, we will vote for the best job offer


1. Search  the European Job Mobility Portal (Eures) and find an appropriate job in any of the European countries

2. Fill in the template below and prepare your presentation. If possible, contact the company and ask for an application form



Country/ Region
Salary/ Contract  
Salary Currency  
Salary Tax  
Hours per week  
Contract type  
Experience required  
How to apply  
Last date for application

Extra: Send an email to a partner and inform him/her about the details of this job offer.

Company facts and figures

Task: to present a company located in your area and create a business portal


a) Search the web and fin information about the companies operating in the area

b) Select one of them and gather information using the table below.

c) Prepare a presentation and share the information with your partners

d) Finally, create a business map or directory of the area.


1. Websites:

Important: You can find useful information in the company portal

2. Table


Phone number  
Nº Employees  
Other useful information (for example, organization, departments, etc.)  

3. Useful language

Introduction: My name is ... and I'm here to talk about ....

The company is called..............

It is a (Spanish) company, situated in......

It has factories /production centres/ offices in....

The Chairman/ owner is .....

It has (20) employees

The main activity is....

The main products are ...

This a picture of ....

In this chart you can see ...

Ending: Do you have any questions? Thank you


4. Useful tools to create presentations

a) powerpoint

b) open office

c) prezi

Assessment Criteria

a) Task completion

b) Mechanics (speaking/writing)

c) Organization and structure

d) Knowledge of the subject


Business Options: Franchises

How do you think you can earn your living?

Have you ever thought about opening your own business?

Many people choose to quit their jobs and try opening their own businesses. This can sometimes be a very risky business. People choose to open a business that is already well known. This is called a Franchise. Now, your team will investigate different franchises and decide which one is best to invest in.


You will complete a presentation to the class convincing them to invest in your chosen franchise. The steps you will complete are as follows:

  • Learn about Franchises
  • Analyze your chosen Franchise
  • Prepare a report using  the  information  gathered persuading other students in the class to select your business to invest in.
  • Decide as a class, which Franchise to invest in.



Steps to follow:

1. In groups of 3 people, you will establish work plan and choose three different business sectors or industries. Each of you will have to search for information about a possible franchise belonging to the sector assigned. 

2. Visit the following website to find information about possible franchises in Spain. Search Spain franchises by Industry.

The checklist of the information needed to complete this project is as follows:

Brief description  
Minimum cash required
Costs involved in buying the franchise  
Financing Assistance  
Training Provided  
What does the company selling the franchise offer?  

3. To get further information, fill in the form provided in the website and ask for further information

4. In your groups, decide on the best option.

5. Prepare a report trying to persuade other students in the class to select this business to invest in. Include the following information: name, category, initial franchise fee and total estimated investment, obligations, assistance and profit.

5. During the presentation of reports, your partners will try to find the best. In their teams they will complete SWOT chart about each of the franchises.

6. Finally, class will vote the best option to invest in.











Description includes the name of the franchise and the sector
Description includes basic information on cash required
Description includes all information required about franchise
The learners go further to obtain extra information that might give insight to the success of the franchise you choose.  
Oral Presentation Student exhibits fair voice projection, fair body language, but incorrect grammar and pronunciation. No fluency. Student exhibits fair voice projection, fair body language, and still makes a few  grammatical mistakes. It is understandable.

Student exhibits good voice projection, appropriate body language, correct grammar and pronunciation.

Or contains a visual aide but lacks in the presentation requirements.

Student exhibits good voice projection, appropriate body language, correct grammar and pronunciation. Report also includes use of visual aides.  


Opening a business can be a very expensive task. Many entrepreneurs find success but some find failure. It is important to prepare yourself by researching.

Now that you know more about possible options to open an franchise, would you do it if you had the money? Well, if you don't have the money you can always try to find investors, but that's part of the next project, where you will search information about financing.



I would like to thank the teacher who designed the two webquests below, as they were the source of inspiration for this project

The website contains really useful information on Webquests and templates.

EXTRA: Franchise Database

Apply your IT skills and build a database giving information about Franchises operating and/or available in this area.

Professional Modules involved:

  • Communications
  • Office Applications

Extra: Franchise Worksheet

Franchise Self-assessment
How much have you learnt about franchises?
Documento Microsoft Word 27.0 KB

For fast learners

Company History

Do you want to start a business? and become famous, or at least rich? Did you know that important companies such as APPLE or Microsoft started in a garage?

Maybe not, but to better understand how to build a world famous company, you need to dive into how other entrepreneurs have created theirs.




1. Select a famous multinational company

2. Search for information about how it started and expanded

3. Prepare a brief timeline of the company. Click here to see an example 

4. Present the history of this company to your partners.

Class will complete the following table:

  • Company name:
  • Founder:
  • Date/Place:
  • Products sold or made at first:
  • Reason for success or important milestone(s):


5. Using all the information you gathered, write a short report about the company.( Use the past tense).Don't forget to type it and email it to your teacher.


Learning Portfolio

What can you do in English? Along the year you have been asked to carry out activities and tasks. Collect the tasks and activities listed below; then send them to your teacher.


1. Complete the following tasks and activities:


A.-Europass (in English)

B.-UNIT___Written Tasks --------

nº 1        Introduce yourself (name,age, etc.)

nº 2        Describe what people are doing in the office

nº 3        Describe your house and your classroom (at least 15 sentences)

nº 4        Describe your daily routine (what, what time,how often,how long, what you like and what you don't like it)

nº 5       Write an email to a friend telling him what you are going to do next year

nº 6      Write a dialogue between an office worker and a supplier, ordering office material

nº 7     Following the example  of the text in 111,  write a text describing a company

nº 8    Write an email giving information about a suitcase you lost at the airport (Model:page 124)

nº 9   Search for information about two companies belonging to the same sector and field, and compare them (at least 10 sentences)

nº 11 Think of your future professional life. What would you like to do? What wouldn't you like to do? Why?

nº 12  Prepare a leaflet or brochure about job interviews.  Say what you must/ mustn't/ can/ can't /should/shouldn't do.

C. UNIT--- Speaking Tasks--------------

nº 1 Saludar y presentarse. Decir la profesión, nacionalidad, edad, etc.

nº 2-3-5: Decir la hora, la fecha y hablar del tiempo.

nº 3 Dar información sobre empresa (ubicación, sector, estructura, nº empleados, facturación anual, etc.)

nº 5 Hablar por teléfono: concertar citas y dejar mensajes

nº 6 Hablar por  teléfono: realizar pedido de material

nº 7 Presentar la historia de una empresa

nº 8 Hablar por teléfono: dejar mensajes describiendo y caracterizando objeto perdido (especificando dimensiones, material, color, etc.). Describir acciones pasadas (What did you do yesterday?) y hábitos pasados (What did you use to do?)

nº 9 Enunciar ventajas y desventajas de diversos trabajos. Comparar y contrastar

nº 11 Telephone English: Hacer reserva 


2. Include the following information before each written task or activity



I CAN ______________________________________

( For Example: I can say times and dates)

3. Prepare a word document with all the written tasks

4. Email it to

5. Later, you will be asked about these tasks and activities.