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Textbook: Get Ready for International Business

Student's Book 1

A2 Macmillan

Lesson 4

Everyday life



Describe habits

Tell the time

Describe likes and dislikes

Describe company organization (name departaments and positions)




Presente Simple


Distancia y frecuencia

To like/ to take

Vocabulary: everyday activities (verbs)

Estructura de la empresa


a) need sb to do sth

b) have to/ don't have to

c) Do you know what..? Do you know where..? Do you know when..? Do you know why..?


What are their daily routine?

Watch the video and complete the chart below in your notebook


  Speaker 1 Speaker 2 Speaker 3
Wake up

do exercise

work (start-finish)      
favourite part of the day      

1. Describing habits: asking and answering questions

1.1 Prepare an interview for your partner, use the following words





Have/ brothers or sisters?

How often/ go to the cinema?

How often/ go /..?

1. 2 How often do you..? /How often does he/she...?

Use the following expressions to interview 3 people in your class: go shopping/ go skiing/ read/ go fishing/ go to the beach/

1.3 Daily Schedule

Listen to the conversation and choose the correct answer. Then report to the class. Is it similar to your daily schedule? Click here

1.4 Using the present simple 

What is Mickey's routine?
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2. Describing likes and dislikes


It's not always perfect
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2.1 What does he like? You will hear a man talking about his job.

Decide if the following statements are true or false.

a) He starts work at 9.30.

b) He begins work before the bank opens.

c) He doesn't like meeting people.

d) Everyday is usually routine at the bank.

e) He feels important handling a lot of money.

f) He likes all customers.

g) Many customers become angry due to his mistakes.

The good and the bad side of jobs
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2.2 What about her? What does the woman like and dislike about her job?Say whether the following sentences are true or false

a) She works on Saturdays.

b) She likes dealing with people.

c) She'd like to find a new job.

2.2 Who likes what? Use the following information to find out what your partner likes or dislikes.

Chair Location Colleagues Timetable Atmosphere
Office Coffee Projects Desk Position
desk Food Work Holidays Location

2.2 Who likes who?

Listen and  say who likes who in the office. Do they like working together?