Visit of teachers and students from Poland on 4th of October, 2013.


Textbook: Get Ready for International Business

Student's Book 1

A2 Macmillan

Lesson 3

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  • Describing your surroundings
  • Counting and saying numbers, prices,etc.
  • Saying the time
  • Writing emails
  • Describing problems in the office
  • Organizing meetings



  • There is/are
  • Countable and uncountable nouns
  • Too and either
  • Time and timetables
  • "There to be left"
  • Enough


  • Numbers
  • Time:half past, quarter, to, o'clock
  • Departments
  • Office objects
  • House objects and rooms

Activities and useful links

Office Objects

Telling the time


Listening Practice

  • Dictation-Office equipment and prepositions.


My office
My _____ and ______ are in the middle of the office. A sofa and a comfortable armchair are ________ the windows. The view through the ______ looks towards the park. A _______ and fax machine are on the other side of the room. There is also a cabinet with _______ located between my ______ and the sofa.
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  • Dictation-Accounting Department
Mr Brown
Mr. Brown is in charge of the _________ department. He’s responsible for bookkeeping for various _______ and clients. He deals with __________ payable, _______and other service fees and charges. He also keeps track of ________ quotations and inquiries.
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