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Textbook: Get Ready for International Business

Student's Book 1

A2 Macmillan

Unit 10

Have you spoken to the boss?



- To report about tasks

- To talk about professional life


Pretérito Perfecto

Yet/already/still/any more




Present Perfect

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Copy and Complete the following email using present perfect (affirmative, negative or interrogative)


Subject:construction of a new line for the metro

Jim – (1) __________________________(you/hear) about the plans to extend the Bucharest metro? The European Union (2)__________________________ (announce) that they will provide fundingfor another line. All construction companies are invited to make a bid. Several points occur to me:
1. Our big competitors like Alstom and Bechtel (3) __________________________ (not/make) any public statements yet, but I’m sure they will be interested. 2. What about us? Should we put in our own bid? I (4)__________________________ (prepare)
a short report with my own ideas. It’s attached to this email. Let me know what you think.
3. It would be good to talk to Dimitrie about this, but he (5)________________________ (not/reply)to my last few emails. (6)________________________(you/see) him recently?
Anyway, my secretary will schedule a meeting on this issue at the end of March. Please discuss the matter with your team members before then.
(Source: macmillan- Essential Business Grammar Builder)